Monday, 31 October 2016

Ruby Chinese: Bittersweet Farewells

Ruby Chinese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAnother restaurant closing gathering, all quite bittersweet. Basically, I grew up with Ruby and the staff there since everyone was like family there. This post is basically the farewell party on their last day!

They officially closed after lunch, I saw some people there for dim sum still, but she had portioned off three tables for guests to sit at. It was so warming as strangers shared a table and recalled all our good memories at the restaurant. They were familiar faces since we see each other so often during dim sum. First they served a Potato Salad! It was gigantic for 8 people! Crispy melon mixed with soft potato and loaded with shrimp, so amazing!

Food continued to appear on our table, there was soup with fish maw, super yummy!

Favorite is their Singaporean fried rice noodles, just as I remember them =)

They called this "Owner fried rice special" because it was personally made by the owner herself! Loaded with ingredients, this tasted delicious.

One of our all time favorites must be their pan fried string beans, mildly spicy with meat bits and the beans crunchy and flavorful-- I'm definitely going to miss this!

Then poured in many many dim sum plates freshly steamed! Various buns stacked atop each other, some sweet, some savory.

There was also har gow (shrimp dumpling), which is kinda crazy because in all my years here we've never actually ordered it! First--and last =(

Pork hock was one of my grandma's favorites, since they're so tender and the flavors are all soaked up into the pork hocks.

I've always admired them for having clean oil to fry their foods (they change it weekly and sometimes more frequently if the "color" of the oil changes), as compared to most Chinese places that just use their oil until unfryable. These tomato sauce shrimp were lightly fried and had just enough sauce to coat the outsides. These were quite large as well, and crunchy in my mouth!

We all held the plate of deep fried squid since we were running out of room on our table! So heavenly.

Look at how much food we still had! This was about the time when three people from our table had to leave-- leaving six of us staring at all the food.

There was bonus beef omasum-- Elephant's favorite! (Too bad he wasn't here for it)

Here's the owner still working hard, going around to make sure everyone was comfortable and well fed.

There was so much food left over and we couldn't bear to waste it, so packing it for later!

Lastly, a picture with the owner (and famjam)! Thank you for the many years of great memories, food, and chatter! We will definitely miss you, and hope you see each other around town ^-^

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