Sunday, 14 June 2015

Boullion Bilk: Fancy dining!

Our last dinner in Montreal for this trip, Adorables and I decided to pick a fancy place to end our wonderful trip! I put in extra photos this time because it was just such a beautiful experience!

Click to add a blog post for Bouillon Bilk on ZomatoRestaurant: Boullion Bilk (visit their website here)
Location: 1595 Blvd St-Laurent, Montreal
Cuisine: Canadian
Price range: $50+ per person

Date of visit: June 14, 2015
Atmosphere: 5/5
Staff/service: 5/5
Food variety: 3/5
Food quality: 4.75/5
Buck worthy? 5/5

We started with their Amuse-bouche ($6.25... I think, kinda forgot) but it was a slice of albacore tuna sashimi topped with a piece of seaweed, slice of peach, edamame and almonds with a special sauce. 
Tuna was very fresh and melted in my mouth!

...Just wished for more, but my mouth was truly amused =D This is the half we each got after sharing haha!

Next was an appetizer that made me want to come here, their Linguine ($16.00). It had sea urchin, bacon, parsley, pepper, and fennel pollen in a creamy sea urchin-based sauce. The dish was a bit small, but it WAS an appie. I loved how fresh and light the sea urchin on top was, and the linguine was al dente. The dish overall was very flavorful but a tad salty for my liking. We wanted to lick the plate clean nonetheless.

The second appie we got was their Lobster ($19.00). It had lobster tail and claw, satay peanut sauce, kaki, daikon, coriander, and wild rice. The lobster was fresh and simpleI was expecting rice under it, but it turned out to be deep fried wild rice bits. Interesting dish, quite enjoyable as the peanut sauce, coriander, and daikon tasted great with the lobster! 

We only got one main, which was their Halibut ($32.00). It is made two ways, which was quite exciting for me. First, the pan-seared halibut was topped with grapes, shiitake mushroom, onion, grapes, and a chopped nut/sesame mix.The fish was fluffy, moist, and melted in my mouth. The shiitake mushrooms were cooked in butter and just soaked up the buttery goodness along with the tender onions. AMAZING.
Cooked perfectly delicious. There were around 4 little potatoes on the side that I quite enjoyed too!

Onto the deep fried portion, this was about 1/4 the size of the other piece and again, beautifully executed. The tartar sauce was light as well as the batter around the fish. The fish itself was flakey, moist, and scrumptious. I found the odd broccoli stalk slices a bit... odd (didn't taste that great). Broccoli itself was tender and tasty.

Finally, dessert! It was super hard to decide, but we finally decided on the Chocolate Mousse ($10.00). It had coffee cream, cherry, cashews, elderberry sauce, and ricotta ice cream (and chocolate mousse too of course). The mousse was so rich and smooth, I loved it. The nuts added extra texture to the mix and worked well. Adorables wasn't a fan of the ricotta ice cream, said the salty flavor wasn't his thing.

I even had fun after inspiration struck me as we scraped this plate clean! Overall it was a memorable experience. They knew we were sharing the dishes and prepared us sharing plates for every single thing we ordered! I felt kind of environmentally unfriendly for using so many dishes for one meal! Food was delectable and although the linguine was a bit salty, the decor was simple and clean, service was exemplar, and the atmosphere was beautiful. Though we were probably the youngest ones there, and the most under-dressed, I still felt very welcomed and comfortable. Adorables' wallet cried though.

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