Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Global Gala: Confusion, food, and great fun!

Super excited to be invited to this event through being a food blogger! (such a noob, I was super s) Global Gala was a dinner with six competing restaurants for the title of "Best Asian Food in Vancouver", as voted by guests. Greeted at the door by models in various traditional wear.

Brought along my parents for this exciting event! It was held at The Portside Pub in Gastown. We were there early and had to wait in the car for them to be ready before entering. Anyhow, it was a nice place with two levels, they had separated seating (not many seats btw) downstairs with food and stage upstairs.

Although the ticket told us it would start at 7pm, it didn't mention when we'd be eating, so we sat around until after 8 before someone ventured upstairs to find out people were already eating and it was self-serve. Or so we thought. Turns out it wasn't really ready but everyone rushed up there for food anyways. Either way, confusion ensued, food was obtained. First we tried Sala Thai (Thai). Look at their pretty carving!

They offered Sala Thai Fried Rice, Green Curry, and Pad Thai. I quite liked their curry, it was fragrant, milky, and loaded with ingredients. The pad thai was a bit off though, I think they used a lot of ketchup and made it too sweet. Texture was good. Fried rice went well with the curry.

Then I tried Hand-Shredded Chicken with Cucumbers and Spicy Peanut Sauce from The Original Chongqing Bistro Bar & Grill at Tinseltown (Chinese). The chicken was average, the sauce was super spicy x.x At least they plated it nicely for everyone.

Then was from Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen (Indian) with Butter Chicken, Rice, Naan Bread, and Sweet Lassi. They were very impressive with the setup and super friendly service. I must say, the naan bread was the highlight for me, it was chewy and soft. AMAZING. Butter chicken was too sweet for my liking, lassi confused me, and rice was...rice.

There were Spring Rolls and Vermicelli with curry dip from Pho Tan Vietnamese Restaurant (Vietnamese). The spring rolls tasted great, but the wrapping was way too hard, might've been good when it was fresh =( The curry dip was super spicy but the vermicelli was nicely cooked. Too bad.

Either way, Umeda Japanese Cuisine (Japanese) brought in a lot of sushi which was gone quickly. I wanted to try one of each roll and ended up with a whole plate full of food! Looked like such a glutton x.x The rice was seasoned well, chewy and delicious. Most of the rolls were up to par except the odd tofu roll. It was tasteless and.... unique.

I didn't even know what it was, but it was the least popular dish of the night and I felt it was utterly underwhelming and not representative of true Korean cuisine. From Chamnamoo Korean Restaurant, there was Kimchi Fried RiceLoads and loads of undercooked fried rice. The rice was hard in the middle and soggy on the outside. Taste was just salt and not memorable. To add salt to the injury, they didn't even label it and took most of us a long time to figure out who this dish belonged to =/

After the food, the evening ended with the raffle draw for a plane ticket and announcement of the winning restaurants, presented by none other than the special guest Miss. Canada, Cäsar Jacobson.

In third place was... The Original Chongqing Bistro Bar & Grill at Tinseltown! Coming in second (my fav of the night) was... Sala Thai! And *drumroll* first place went to Siddhartha's Indian Kitchen. Congrats!

Fun evening, quite the experience! Super thankful for the free tickets and the surprise mention during introductions, just totally made my day.

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