Sunday, 15 June 2014

KissMe Organics: Organic Matcha, you get what you pay for :)

Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to review this organic matcha powder from Kiss Me Organics! They were friendly and open to many of the questions I posed. It arrived on the expected date and I finally had a chance to try their matcha!

They are exclusively sold on Amazon, and they sent me a 40oz bag which is sold for $29.00 regularly. As many may still remember the tsunami in Japan that damaged some nuclear reactors, I was concerned whether this matcha would be tainted by radiation. Maria, who had contacted me in the first place, assured me that they took this into consideration, so they sought tea outside of Japan, to decrease the likelihood of their product being affected by the radiation. Their tea comes from the mountainous region of Fijian in China and is all sent to a lab in Colorado to be tested. The care they put into providing quality matcha is quite reassuring!

Alright, onto how I felt about this product! The color is duller than ceremonial grade matcha, as this was a culinary grade green tea powder. I find the flavor of the tea mild and not as fragrant as I prefer. The powder was ground very finely. Wasn't sure if I needed to use a bamboo whisk, but I used one anyways-- shall try next time to see if it'll dissolve on its own. I feel you get what you pay for, as this isn't sold at a high-end price. Probably better to be actually used for baking and shakes as compared to just water. I would like to thank Kiss Me Organics and Maria for this opportunity to review their product and all the help she's provided!

To find them, you can go on and search for "matcha green tea powder" and they should be the first one on the list! I'm not sure if this link will work, but try here!

Until next time!

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