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Yokohama Japanese: Is my steak.... ROTTEN?!

Having frequented here as a child, I thought I'd relive my childhood memories since there was a SocialShopper coupon for this place. I probably should look for different things and not go back to reliving childhood memories since most of the time-- they were better left as fond memories xD

Yokohama Japanese on UrbanspoonRestaurantYokohama Japanese Teppanyaki
Location: 12251 No. 1 Road, Richmond
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Teppanyaki, Seafood
Price range: $20+

Date of visit: March 8, 2014
Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff/service: 4.5/5
Food variety: 5/5
Food quality: 1/5
Buck worthy? 1/5

Since it was a 10-course meal for 2 people ($59 + taxes and gratuity), I figured it might not be enough for the three of us, so we ordered an Uni Sashimi ($8.95) on the side. For a restaurant located conveniently next to the harbour, I was greatly disappointed at the low quality of their uni. It was not fresh. It smelled and tasted a bit garbage-y too-- I was concerned about eating it =/ So besides the presentation... there was nothing noteworthy about this.

We also ordered a Tuna Kama ($0.99) because they ran out of salmon kama. For such a price I didn't expect much, but it came as a large portion. However, as I always say, quality over quantity when it comes to food. I worried for my whole family if we'd survive the night after this rotten piece of fish. My dad said it was over-cooked, dry, and wasn't fresh. He could taste the garbage-y taste to it and it was rotting. ALRIGHT THEN.
First the meal came with 2 miso soups and 4 pieces of California roll and 4 pieces of yam tempura roll (this was 3 dishes out of the 10 courses). I couldn't really taste any mayo in the California roll but I guess that's healthier-- didn't help the flavoring though. Yam tempura roll was limp and oily =(

The stir-fried veggies tasted good but it was smothered in oil. Cooked nicely though!

Our seafood cooking (2 Lobster tails, 2 salmon pieces)~

So he added butter, then more butter, and finished off cooking with extra oil. Wowwww. Anyways, the lobster was very buttery and tasty, a bit overcooked and not super fresh. The salmon was a tiny piece =/ Like-- seriously?! Anyways this was also oil smothered with a bit of garlic, well done. (I split my portion with my mom though, so this is only half)

Onto the meat. It was 2 pieces of New York Steak. These were decently sized and I was happy about the marbling I saw on them.

Some fire display for fun, but probably burnt the steak a bit too much, although nonetheless entertaining.

As I nibbled on my steak bites (he cut them up, this time I got the full portion cuz daddy doesn't eat beef), I noted that it was a bit... rotten to the bite. I thought it was because it wasn't fully cooked, it was around 60% cooked? However, my mom noticed it too and we determined it was the meat itself that was... ROTTING. How many things have been rotting so far?! Again lots of oil in this, taste was nothing special.

With the little chunks of fat at the end of our steak he set aside, the fried rice was cooked with it. Loads of oil and butter added TO this FAT. Gosh the rice was and oily mess =( I was so full from the oil that I couldn't eat much of the rice, but this was one of the fresher items of the meal, and it tasted half-decent.

Since a couple arrived at the same teppanyaki table, the chef combined our bean sprouts with theirs and made this cute heart =P

Annnd the finished bean sprouts (they were very fresh btw). Just again, very oily and the same salt+pepper seasoning. Drab. (This was two servings)

Cleaning after cooking!

Finally, the last course to our meal: Green Tea and Mango Ice Cream. They gave us an extra on the house, how nice of them =) I liked the mango more than the green tea because I was so stuffed and the mango was more tangy ^-^

Would I come here again? HELL NO. I worry about the health of my family and I believe we can afford to eat food that's not rotting-- for this price anyways. We walked away paying around $25 each, which isn't cheap. The chef was a funny guy and the teppanyaki show was great, but if the food doesn't make the cut, it doesn't matter how great it is to watch this guy =( They also gave me a "VIP" discount card for 50% off meals-- wonder why they need to cut their prices so much eh.

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