Friday, 3 May 2013

Munchine Adventure: Sushi S Japanese Restaurant, Burnaby

Exam crunch time! Couldn't resist coming out for lunch with a few classmates, I heard "sushi" and was in already =D Glad I tagged along!

Sushi S Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Sushi S Japanese Restaurant (visit their website here)
Location: 4739 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Tapas
Price range: $10+

Date of visit: May 3, 2013
Atmosphere: 4.5/5
Staff/service: 4/5
Food variety: 5/5
Food quality: 4.5/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

The first thing I remember reading is something along the lines of the authenticity of their sushi, and how one can opt to have a bigger rice portion size like the other sushi restaurants at no added cost (just need to ask the waiter) =P

Ordered a Takoyaki ($5.00) of course, but it wasn't very fresh =( The display was quite beautiful but the food itself was unsatisfactory. Too much mayo, not enough nori and bonito.

I also got an Assorted Sushi Combo ($13.00) and they allow changes with no extra charge, which made my day =D Instead of the ebi and amaebi, I got another salmon and chopped scallop <3 Notable was the salmon nigiri because it melted in my mouth and was delicious. I don't know how to describe it, but it was flavorful and fresh. And their makis aren't made of chopped up fish, it was a nice strip of fish =D Finally found a place that still does that! *happy*
RL ordered this Gomae ($3.50) and it looked very saucy! TOO SAUCY!

The Rainbow Roll ($10.00) was stunning, and RL noted it was very good!
This is SK's California Roll ($3.00) and Chopped Scallop Roll ($4.00). Notice how little rice is on there, which I liked, but for most people it'd probably not be a good deal since it makes the portion size much smaller for the same price elsewhere =P Again, beautiful display but the lack of rice made the rolls look a bit... weak and distorted ><"

CK ordered a Croquette ($3.50) and Dynamite Roll ($4.00), both looked pretty good! Maybe I'll venture a try some day ^-^

Oranges and candies for dessert~

All in all I enjoyed my meal, but ended up paying $20 to just fill me up, which isn't good on my student budget xD Maybe I'll ask for the big rice sushi next time!

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