Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Munchie Adventure: Ruby Chinese Restaurant 紅寶石大酒家, Port Coquitlam

New dinner menu! Ruby now offers a set dinner menu option, which is not bad, but honestly doesn't compare to Deer Garden. Good for the area and price though!

Ruby Chinese Restaurant 紅寶石大酒家 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Ruby Chinese Restaurant 紅寶石大酒家
Location: 2228 McAllister Ave, Port Coquitlam
Cuisine: Chinese, Western Chinese
Price range: $10-20 per person for dinner

Date of visit: May 8, 2013
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 4.5/5
Food variety: 3/5
Food quality: 3/5
Buck worthy? 4/5

Besides their new deal for a New York Steak meal for $8.95, their new set dinners range from 4 person to 10 person meals. We ordered their 6 person meal tonight which cost us around $106 in total (with tips and tax). This wasn't bad at all since we had lots left over for another meal xD

Here is the soup, which was a kabocha with pork soup, the kabocha was boiled to the point that it melted into the soup (not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I liked it)

The chicken is a highlight of the meal because it was very nicely done, it's a cold plate, but the chicken was seasoned very well, all the flavors were infused into the meat and the meat was cooked nicely. However, I still prefer the chicken from Deer Garden.

This is the beef slices in a gravy-like sauce. Tasted a bit like the New York steak we got for lunch last time. Tender beef slices smothered in sauce. Pretty good, but nothing to go crazy over.

Perhaps this was because we know the owner, but it seems like this buttery pork chops was not oily at all. I really liked it because it was so fresh and juicy. The shrimp crackers on the side were very fresh too, so crispy!!

Another highlight of the meal, their prawn in special sauce. The prawns were very large and fresh, the shells were lightly fried, so I could just ingest the whole shrimp without de-shelling (except for the tail part of course) I like how it's not too salty either.

The steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf could use some work. It's a bit too solid and broken, flavors are good though. It's also GINORMOUS.

There's a snippet of the veggies that also came with the meal, on the top right corner =P It's veggies in soup with bean curd, literally oil-less and quite healthy.

Finally, the steamed fish that was something I've never had before. Looks like a tropical fish! But man, that fish has some solid "teeth" (more like a beak!). Nicely steamed, just right so it was flaky and smooth. So good!

Lastly, dessert. Purple yam sweet soup was way too sweet and the yam was all dissolved =( Also very purple to the point it felt a bit...abnormal. Although I believe her that she just bought it and cooked it (no added color-- by her anyways)

The red bean pancake was the usual that you can order during dim sum, amazing and fresh as usual.

Overall I was satisfied with my meal, they definitely have room for improvement, but that potential for greatness is there!

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