Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Munchie Adventure: St. James' Well, Port Moody

After an early morning shift at the hospital with my lovely clinical mates, we decided to go out for a fannncy nice lunch =) When we got there it was around 2, not many people inside...

St. James's Well on UrbanspoonRestaurant: St. James' Well (visit their website here)
Location: 248 Newport Drive, Port Moody
Cuisine: Pub, Western
Price range: $10+

Date of visit: March 26, 2013
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 4/5
Food variety: 4.5/5
Food quality: 3.5/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

I was  excited to try their ginormous platter of food that AL and KS mentioned  about sharing during their last visit! Glad I split this with DM and ADi, cuz I was really stuffed after =)

It was called the St. James' Well Platter ($28.00). Although it looks small in the picture, the diameter of that platter was around 16 inches! Just gonna break down this platter into smaller bits (except for the carrot and celery sticks, those were just cut up and put on the platter):

Chicken wings (1 lbs): We got the sweet chili, and it was quite chili! But delicious =) Although I must say, these wings are quite average, they've just met the standard.

Lamb sliders (x3): Quite good, sauces were too overwhelming, ruined the texture. Otherwise good bun-to-patty ratio. Props for the nice assembly, I was happy =)

Chicken strips (x3): These were pretty good, very fresh for sure. Tender, but average juiciness levels. Accompanied by honey mustard sauce (which had some curry in it) and a ranch sauce I think? (I don't like sauces, so I just skipped out on them)

Stuffed potato skins (x4): Not bad, 5mm of potato on the skin, so it wasn't all skin, which I like. Topped with bacon and cheese, they were a bit cold and dry though.

Yorkshire pudding (x4) with dipping sauce: I've never had yorkshire pudding before, so nothing to compare it to. Just gotta say, don't like it that much. It was topped with this mustardy sauce, beef slices inside didn't seem to go well with the whole pastry, which in itself was sickening after the first few bites. But me being me, of course I finished it. The dipping sauce didn't help much either =(

KS ordered their St. James' Wells burger ($13.00) which came with yam fries. He said the burger was average, nothing special. The yam fries weren't bad, I had a few, again, just average.

Actually AL and KS ordered the platter and Poutine ($7.00), which ADe also ordered. The fries were soggy and the cheese was too melted, which isn't how we liked it. We like the cheese curds to be slightly melted with the gravy, not re-baked, which made the fries too overcooked and dry =(

Overall, the prices are decent, considering many pubs charge much more for their food. I didn't expect too much from them, so I wasn't that disappointed. I paid $13 for lunch-- and since it's a pub, that's not too bad. On the bright side, at least the food didn't taste too greasy (although I know it's just fat-loaded). I was full for the rest of the day! Probably won't see me back here again. Until next time!

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