Friday, 25 January 2013

Munchie Adventure: Sushi Garden, Burnaby

Popped in here since it's nearby and on the way to our next destination. It was pretty full when we first walked in, they told us around 25 minute wait, and it wasn't actually that long of a wait. This reminded me of Sushi Town, very similar set up and vibe. Saw lots of take-out orders. AND! Best part? I love their faucet in the washroom!!! =D

Sushi Garden on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Sushi Garden (visit their website here)
Location: 4269 Lougheed Highway
Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Price range: $10-15 for dinner

Sushi Garden on Foodio54

Date of visit: January 25, 2013
Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff/service: 3/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 3/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

I've actually heard many good things about Sushi Garden, and seeing the lineup made me feel good about it. However... I got over-hyped again, and was disappointed. Anyways, I did try some of AL's Agedashi Tofu, but found the tofu quite tough, didn't like it that much. I ordered a Tako Yaki ($3.75) and it wasn't bad, not extremely hot, but taste was good and it was crispy on the outside.

I liked how the sushi came on individual platter, quite cute. I got two Salmon nigiri ($1.20 each), and the rice was WARM *minus points* Fish was fresh, but it's a pet peeve of mines when I get warm sushi rice ><"

I also ordered Salmon roll ($1.95) which was well done, the fish was very fresh and the rice-to-fish ratio was good. My Chopped Scallop Roll ($3.75) also had warm rice, but the scallops were fresh and tasted good, so I guess it gets neutral feelings.

Overall, food came quickly and service wasn't bad, they were quite quick with everything (hence I understand their high turnover rate and ease of getting a table without waiting for an insane amount of time). I may come back, but it's out of my way and I'd rather try another place first.

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