Thursday, 6 December 2012

Munchie Adventure: Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant 華麟海鮮酒家, Burnaby

First off, sorry about lack of posts, just had surgery, so I'm prohibited from a lot of food lately *uber sadface* But! I'm still alive, that's all that matter =) I live to eat another day~~

Anyhow, I know I've done a lot of reviews for this, but I just wanted to say, I went for dinner recently, and was quite disappointed in them. Dim sum is still great, but dinner . . . NOPE. They kept pushing us to order a lamb hot pot which we politely told them we didn't want multiple times, they just kept pushin' ><" Food wasn't that great either, gone downhill since my last visit *sadface* Buttt this is about dim sum =)

Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant 華麟海鮮酒家 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant 華麟海鮮酒家
Location: 4524 Hastings Street, Burnaby
Cuisine: Chinese
Price range: $5-10 per person

Date of visit: December 6, 2012
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 3/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 4/5
Buck worthy? 4/5

I actually came here right after my surgery, first meal! =) So it really wasn't that big of a deal, or the painkillers were still working, and I felt fine =P Here's the first to arrive, Wah Lun Special Baked Buns. Very fresh, they were so hot and delicious =) Made me happy. (there's three per order, but I couldn't get a pic fast enough =P)

Then came the Sticky Rice Wrap. There were three LARGE wraps! =O Great deal right there =P The rice was a bit over steamed, but overall quite tasty.

Next! Pan Fried Shanghai Rice Cake, this is one of my favorites, its so chewy and seasoned well. The meat goes well, and the veggies make the oil less overwhelming. Still a bit oily for my liking though.

Ah, another one of my favorites (even as a kid), Steamed Chicken Wraps. Can't find the "traditional" kind, but this one comes closest. Normally, it should have chicken, ham, Chinese mushroom, and fish maw wrapped in beancurd. Most places only have the chicken plus random other stuff, this place has everything but replaced the fish maw with this vermicelli thing =) Not bad. I love the hammm =D

I tried to order things that seemed more appropriate for post-surgery (although eating out is already a big no-no xD), so I got a Steamed Pork Dumpling (Siu Mai). They were quite large, but sadly for me, I had extra work to do, since I forgot there was shrimp in there ><" (mommy says no shrimp or else I'll get a big ugly scar) Not that the shrimp was bad, it's usually so good, but I can't eat it-- for now =(

Last item! We forgot that we ordered it and kinda went overboard with the carbs, but oh well =P Abalone Sticky Rice Wrap. Such a Chinese tradition =)
Lots of green bean, which everyone loves (except me, because I'm just that oddball).
There was ONE abalone in there, so they technically didn't lie. Not worth the $5.95 they charge, but it was made nicely.

Won't be back for dinner until they can stop "hard-selling" menu items, but dim sum is still great =)

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