Monday, 17 December 2012

Munchie Adventure: Point Zero Four Fusion 零點串吧, Richmond

Ok. I saw the ad in the newspaper, and was lured in by the cheap lunch price. $7.99/ person for AYCE hot pot lunch? Nothing should sound like such a good deal-- unless it's not. Which I found out AFTER I sat down =( We were SO SCAMMED. I really don't think tricking people into your store is a good idea. Usually keeps them from coming back.

Point Zero Four Fusion 零點串吧 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Point Zero Four Fusion 零點串吧
Location: 8500 Alexandra Road, Richmond
Cuisine: Chinese, Hot Pot, AYCE
Price range: <$10 per person

Date of visit: December 17, 2012
Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff/service: 2/5
Food variety: 2/5
Food quality: 2/5
Buck worthy? 1/5

Ok, the server who brought us to our table was nice and all, but he wasn't very helpful. He disappeared after leading us to our table, then suddenly appeared, started talking before he had our attention, and so I had to ask him to repeat himself. He asked about soup bases, I got the free (clear soup). Glad I did. Didn't want to pay for any more than I should have.
I had no clue that it was a buffet style (you grab your food from a table, then go back to cook it), so when I asked him if there were order sheets, he just pointed to the table of food. They're good. SO GOOD. (Do you sense my sarcasm?) They put the fullest tray nearest the tables, so I thought there was lots of food. Besides the only full one (beef slices), the rest were at around 20-50% fullness. Mainly the squid (if not for my surgery, I would've liked it) and stuff people don't prefer were fuller. The drinks were free! LOL

Anyways, the pork was really good, but even though we grabbed the last bits of it, there were only 7 pieces to split between 3 people =( SPAM was no good either, so mushy! I liked the imitation crab though, one of the better things available. Then there was chicken. Chicken was uh... chicken, nothing special about it. I could make it at home.

The veggies were fresh looking though, not amazing, but edible. I boiled everything for extra long, to kill the potential bacteria that might kill me xD

There were also other foods, but nothing else worth mentioning... Oh! The sauces were good. They had the typical hot pot sauces and you get to mix your own. That was good.

I don't know why I put myself through that, but I did. I survived. But I just wish the owner could've warned us that they wouldn't restock and let us decide whether or not we want to stay. My mom went to interrogate him before we found out "Oh, yesterday was unexpectedly busy, so we ran out of food, and stock hasn't arrived yet". Yeah riiiight. Never coming back. Don't lie to someone and expect them to trust you again. The washroom was pretty scary too. It was half lit and dark. SKETCHY. I'm pretty amazed we made it out alive.

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