Thursday, 8 November 2012

Munchie Adventure: BBT Cafe, Kerrisdale (Vancouver)

Needed to go to UBC today, so we wanted to find a place close by, and decided upon BBT Cafe. Turns out it's pretty well known amongst UBC students! It's my second time here, last time was for dinner though, here's lunch =) They open at 11:30am on the dot though! haha

BBT Cafe on UrbanspoonRestaurant: BBT Cafe
Location: 5979 West Blvd, Vancouver
Cuisine: Taiwanese, Chinese, Bubble Tea
Price range: $10-15 per entree

Date of visit: November 8, 2012
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Staff/service: 2.5/5
Food variety: 3.75/5
Food quality: 3.5/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

First off, we were told some menu items would be a long wait (15-20 minutes), but we had time. And it turns out the waitress didn't lie to us, it did take longer.

The first to arrive was my lunch. Which was the Deluxe Meat Sauce on Rice ($8.50)Probably cuz the meat is already pre-made and rice is usually already cooked, I got to stare at my food first. (Because I find it rude to start eating before everyone has their food) There were a lot of fat chunks, so I removed some of them to feel less guilty =P There was also a lot of rice, and for the side dishes, I particularly liked the cabbage. I found a liking to it after a while actually, didn't like it at first xD

Next was the Salty Chicken Nugget ($6.50) that KW ordered and shared with everyone =) It was very crispy and HOT. Seasoning was good, and they used chunks of chicken instead of grounded chicken. Gave us something to munch on while we waited for the other food to arrive ^^
JL ordered their House Special Fish Pot ($8.95) and asked for it to be non-spicy (it's normally spicy). It had fish shaped tofu in it ^^ Cute. I think she liked it, looked like a decent portion size.

KW ordered their Satay Beef Hot Pot ($10.50), and there was fire. So I guess he got his money's worth =P He ordered extra spicy, but I guess they goofed up and made it non-spicy... which he was rather disappointed about. At least the stone fire was amusing xD

Then after about 10-15 mins, JC's order arrived. His Grilled Chicken Rice ($8.95) looked really good! He said it was very fresh and worth the wait =) Reminded me of teriyaki chicken, but with a bit of spicy?

Last to arrive was SL's Stir-Fry Chicken Meal ($9.25). It came in a little pot, but I couldn't really distinguish the chicken. Seemed really dark, but I think it was good, she didn't say much about it =P

After everyone's meals arrived, I noticed how different my side dishes were, cuz they all had scrambled eggs, corn, and some veggie. Weird. Not that I didn't like my egg, I got tired of it after half xD Took a while to get a box and bill, but overall it wasn't a bad experience. Not stellar, but decent.

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