Saturday, 20 October 2012

Munchie Adventure: Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 (Circle Square), Vancouver

I noticed this location was a lot closer to my work, so we decided to come here after work! After some GPS misleadings, we finally found our way here! =) And hey, now I've tried them all-- until they open another location! =P

Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Cattle Cafe 牛仔餐廳 (visit their website here)
Location: 3510 Kingsway, Vancouver
Cuisine: Chinese, Hong-Kong Style
Price range: Under $10 per entree

Date of visit: October 20, 2012
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 4/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 4/5
Buck worthy? 4.5/5

Before we walked in, I noticed the Halloween decorations, which were quite cute =) As we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly waitress (quite cute too =P) and seated by a corner spot. It was pretty full inside for 9:30pm, I guess it's because it's Vancouver?

Alright, I was FAMISHED, so I got overly excited while ordering. You know what results afterwards... wayy to much food =P But anyways, we ordered the "Noodle Combo of Your Choice" ($8.50), with the Malay Laksa soup base, pork bung and fried fish cakes for the toppings with rice noodles. The soup was extra spicy, which isn't what we were used to, but SO GOOD. I mixed it with the white soup base of the fish noodles, and it was perfect :)

With this, we could order two side dishes on top. I saw Takoyaki ($1.95), and of course I can't pass that up =P Too bad there's only three =( They were really fresh and good though, however the sauce was too sweet. I like it a bit more tangy.

The other thing we got was the pork cutlet ($1.75), and it was a BIG piece of pork cutlet! Very crispy, pork was a bit dry though. Tasty! Would've LOVED some sauce on it =)

This also came with a drink, ordered Lemon in hot water. Healthy choice I guess? xD

Then we ordered Hand Squeezed Fish Noodle and Mixed Mushrooms in Soup ($6.95). It was the thick chewy yummy kind!!! =D I was verrry happy ^-^

My pick was the House Special Baked Seafood and Pork Chop with Fried Rice ($9.95). I know right? More pork chop. It didn't click until it arrived haha. Anyways, I looked at the pork chop side and was started to count the pieces, there were like 3-4 pieces *only*. NOPE. It was a WHOLE piece, just put in two layers!! Wow. So much pork chop for me =P So there was less rice on the side with the pork chop, but I wasn't complaining. Sauce to rice ratio was good, so the rice wasn't too saucey nor dry =)

Came with a drink, but I got the Lemon Ribena (add $1.00), surprise surprise? Ice cubes again, but still good. There was a lot of ice though, too much for my liking.

I was happy with my meal, except for when we were trying to get the bill, took a bit longer than anticipated. Noticed there was only one waitress, so pardon was given =)

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