Thursday, 27 September 2012

Munchie Adventure: House of Tofu Soup, Burnaby

I'm back! As promised =) I'm so excited that I tried something different this time, and was very happy with it. Place wasn't as busy, so we got better service this time, and there were two people working! =)

House of Tofu Soup on Urbanspoon
Restaurant: House of Tofu Soup
Location: 4563 North Road, Burnaby
Cuisine: Korean
Price range: $15-25

Date of visit: September 27, 2012
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 4/5
Food variety: 2.5/5
Food quality: 4.5/5
Buck worthy? 4.25/5
I think I made the owner lady sad though, because when she brought us the side dishes, I told her we didn't want the kimchi, with the mindset that we didn't want to waste food, since no one really ate kimchi. I forgot it was offensive. ><" Anyways, same side dishes as usual, but after the first round, she brought us another, for some odd reason =P

Ordered Soup and Bulgogi Combo ($14.99) again, seems like the best deal with the most variety. Trying the Chicken Bulgogi this time! It was tender chicken, and she told us to put teriyaki sauce over it while the plate was still hot. This helped make the sauce thicker and seep in the chicken better =)

Got mild dumpling soup, but the dumplings were mushy *disappointed*.

Second combo was with Beef Bulgogi, pieces seemed bigger this time, same good taste though! Yummy with rice ^^ Although the content itself seemed lacking (few pieces), or maybe it was like that last time too but I was too excited to notice).

Decided on the mild seafood soup, which was full of shrimp and clams. There was so much tofu in it! Not much soup, but no one complained, so I guess it was all good. I didn't like having to peel the shrimps, but having the shells kept them from losing their "sweetness". (Haha notice how my dad dropped the eggshell in there =P)

As usual, she helped us split the stone pot rice into two bowls, but this also helped us put tea in the stone pot to loosen the rice. Which I think is the proper way of eating it, but I prefer the soup way, cuz it's tastier =P

Onto the new thing! We finally decided to get the expensive Seafood Pancake ($14.99), and it was worth every penny. Of course you can make it at home too, but probably not as good, since we probably wouldn't put in as much oil. It was lightly crispy on the outside, and so soft and moist on the inside. It was chewy too! There was shrimp, chives, and squid. Maybe there were other ingredients, but I only got around to eating two pieces, since they were gone so fast! (Not that it was small)

I was really pleased with my visit, although it took a while to flag them down if you needed anything. I guess the best time to come is when they're not as busy, then you'll have better service =) Food is kept at a constant quality, so no worries about that!

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