Saturday, 1 September 2012

Munchie Adventure: Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店, Vancouver

I was starving after a hard day at work so this was time to pig out! Decided on AYCE at Fatty Cow, cuz I've been there before and I know they close late =) I like their food, but their portion sizes are really unpredictable, even though they say on the sheet how much is to be expected (they obviously don't take that seriously enough). I know a few places that don't charge for soup bases, but I guess this is the new norm, to charge about $8 for soup base. Our night ended to be $110 (with tips and tax) for four people. Too bad it's cash only, luckily I had enough tips that night to pay for the meal haha!

Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot 小肥牛火鍋專門店 (visit their website here)
Location: 5108 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Cuisine: Chinese, Hot Pot, All-you-can-eat
Price range: $15-25

Date of visit: September 1, 2012
Atmosphere: 3.5/5
Staff/service: 3/5
Food variety: 3.75/5
Food quality: 3.5/5
Buck worthy? 4/5

We tried a lot of the items on the menu, and all of it was pretty fresh. I don't like how they messed up some of the orders: ie. we order 2 items, but 4 come. It's quite inconsistent. Soup base is $7.00, we got the Cilantro and Preserved Egg soup base.

I'm going to talk about some things, but really, its a matter of personal preference and how you cook it, so I can't say much about some items. I'll just put pics :) This was the Fish Dace Paste (left), Shrimp/Pork/Beef/Squid Balls (right). We ordered two of eat of the balls and ONE of the Fish Dace Paste, but I don't know how the Fish Dace Paste ended up so BIG!!

We ordered lots of lamb, cuz lamb is just soo good!! <3 Also tried the various kinds of beef, fatty beef slices were the best!

Heres the other pics~

They also served dessert for us, but I was so full I really didn't want to eat it. I did anyways, can't waste food! It was this clear jelly thing that tasted like lemon but also had a hint of mango =/ WEIRD.

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