Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Munchie Adventure: Honolulu Cafe 檀島茶餐廳, Vancouver

When you're in the mood for some cheap eats, this is the place. They have generous portions at affordable prices, and the cold drink is free! =D A little oily, but remember you're not paying a lot of money for it! Their taste is variable, some people don't like it, some do, sometimes its good, sometimes it's not as good. I'm pretty lucky, I think it was pretty good every time I went.

Honolulu Cafe 檀島茶餐廳 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Honolulu Cafe 檀島茶餐廳
Location: 4288 Main Street, Vancouver
Cuisine: Chinese, Hong Kong-style Cafe
Price range: $6-15 per entree

Date of visit: August 1, 2012
Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff/service: 3/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 3/5
Buck worthy? 5/5

My brother got a cold milk tea which came with his meal. It was a big cup, and tasted pretty good.

There was garlic toast and cream soup which came with his meal as well. The toast looked oily, but it was really good. Mom and brother liked the thickness of it. Cream soup was kinda blah. It was really literally cream soup with nothing much else in it save for the corn and peas. I think it's really watered down soup + extra flour to make it still thick. Meal also came with spaghetti on a tiny plate haha xD

So the main meal, it was a Sizzling Plate special (forgot the price, sorry!) where you could choose your own ingredients. We got rack of lamb, beef short ribs, and AA beef steak. It was really hot, cuz when we poured the sauce on top, it sizzled =) The main idea of a sizzling plate I guess =P There were two lamb "ribs", two short ribs, and one piece of beef. Lamb racks were your typical pieces and taste, and the short ribs were pretty lean and tender. "AA steak" was not medium rare like we ordered, so it was pretty tough.

I ordered the Seafood and Mushroom w/ Creme Sauce on Fettuccine ($7.75). There was quite a bit of seafood on top, and I thought it tasted good. Other people might think the sauce is a bit watered down, but that makes it less salty, which I like. Fettuccine was chewy and long. Good! Did I mention this was a ginormous plate of pasta??
My parents got something with a deep fried fish fillet, pork cutlet in cream sauce and it came with rice. I don't remember exactly what it was... I think it was the daily special ($14.99) And also came with a drink. Pretty good, but since both items were fried, we had to eat them fast lest they get soggy =P
There's nothing special about their food though, I guess its just cuz parking is easy and food comes fast. Cheap prices too. It's palatable for those who aren't too picky. I'm ok with it. Of course if there's other choices, I'd go for those first =P