Thursday, 2 August 2012

Munchie Adventure: Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant 名閣海鮮酒家, Vancouver

It's actually been a while since my visit, but I remember my visits there were pretty good, besides lunch time. I usually go during dinner, and not that their lunch menu is bad, but their service is TERRIBLE during lunch. Location is kind of out of the way, in the middle of nowhere xD Worth the odd drive down sometimes though!

Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant 名閣海鮮酒家 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant
Location: 3432 Lougheed Highway, Vancouver

Cuisine: Chinese, Dim Sum
Price range: $10-15 for dinner/ late-night
Date of visit: April 13, 2012
Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 3.5/5 (for dinner time... lunch is probably a 1/5)
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 4/5
Buck worthy? 4/5

I wanted to try one of their appetizers, "Thousand layered pig ear", and it was very crunchy and well done. Portions were pretty big too, not too thinly sliced, so the cartilage had a good texture.

This is one of my favorite dishes from this restaurant, Beef short ribs in special sauce. It's kinda of sweet, but has black pepper in it, which makes it a little spicy too, but doesn't make my mouth numb. The sauce is SOOOO amazing with rice!! I love this! The beef ribs are not too tough or tender, just right! Not fat either, and usually the bones aren't big, which is awesome (more meat for me! heh)

Halibut collar hot pot was the next to arrive, it was quite boney, but tasted good, and well, I guess for those who can't eat much, this is good to munch on slowly while everyone else is eating =P

Tofu! And it was wrapped in tin foil, looked like a big puffy pillow before they cut it open for us =D I think it was satay seafood with tofu and enoki mushrooms. A little salty, but went very well with rice, couldn't really tasted the satay, but it was there--just barely ^^

Last was the Beancurd with mushrooms, it was very freshly fried, and good. Not too saucy, and the sauce wasn't too thick. I personally like to soak my beancurds anyway, so for those who like them crunchy still, this is one of the places for it! =P

We got free sweetsoup!! Yayyy, it was Pumpkin with Tapioca sweetsoup, and soooo good!!

I usually come here after work, since they're open late, and they have free congee if you order over a certain amount of money ($25 I think) from the late night menu, which is pretty good! Like this place, but the lunch service needs to improve.

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