Monday, 27 August 2012

Mini Munchie: Soirette Tea and Macarons, Downtown Vancouver

Soirette Macarons & Tea on UrbanspoonI've been wanting to get in on the recent rave on macarons, and finally I did :) Thanks to my friend, who encouraged me to go try them, I finally got some! But not from Thierry's since I've been hearing negative things about them, so I decided to try for the next one on my list: Soirette Tea & Macarons. They have a nice little place in downtown, and a good selection of items at their store. All I got were the macarons, which was my main target anyways!

*Anticipation for what waits inside!* :D
Restaurant: Soirette Macarons and Tea (visit their website here)
Location: 1433 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Cuisine: Desserts, Tea
Price range: $10-25 (depends how much stuff you get haha)
Date of visit: August 27, 2012

Staff/service: 3/5
Food variety: 3/5
Food quality: 3.5/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

The 6 macarons were $11.50, there is also a 12 pack for $22.00.

I almost forgot to take pics of the one I ate first xD I tried pistachio first, which was pretty good, a bit on the sweet side, but I could taste the pistachio. Also a bit grain-ier than I expected it to be.

Next was the cappuccino, the prettiest one in my opinion, even the inside was fancier looking ;) A light coffee taste could be tasted, not bad.

Then there was chocolat chocolat. Sadly, I couldn't really taste the chocolate that well, as it was a bit too sweet.

Rocher didn't look like the one on the website, but there was a slight gold tint to it. Looked cool! Although having that little piece of whatever on top would've looked even cooler =P This one was surprisingly better than the chocolat chocolat one, considering both are chocolate, I feel kinda weird saying there was a difference in taste to the two! Rocher had a slight hazelnut taste to it, just like Ferrero Rochers! (oh surprise surprise eh?) Liked this one a lot! ^^

Then was the matcha, it was just sweet, but creamy. I couldn't really taste the matcha =(

Last was the jasmine, (I know, got two tea flavors like the chocolate story haha), this one, if you had the little bits on top, you could taste the tea flavor slightly.

Overall, not as amazing as I expected, maybe it's time to try making some myself =P Or time to try another place! Hehe

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