Monday, 9 July 2012

Munchie Adventure: Super Buffet, Bellingham, WA

Need to get meat and milk from the states (cuz it's said to be hormone free, and milk is cheaper there), so we decided to try out this restaurant, since it was nearby! (Also had a 10% off coupon, so lunch was under $10 per person!!)

Super Buffet on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Super Buffet (visit their site here)
Location: 4151 Meridian Street, Bellingham, WA
Cuisine: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Canadian
Price range: $8.99+tax per person for lunch (there's a 10% off coupon you can print online!)
Date of visit: July 9, 2012
Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff/service: 2.5/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 2.5/5
Buck worthy? 3/5

I guess we arrived a bit early for lunch, so the restaurant was rather empty, which scared us a bit, but we sat down anyways, why not give it a try, won't hurt, right? Worst that could've happened is we get food poisoning...but I wasn't about to be so negative =P

First round was supposed to be dessert, cuz that's how I roll! But ended up as sushi first, since I saw the desserts weren't too appetizing. From this plate, lets start at the mushrooms, which are at about the 1 o'clock position. These weren't bad, juicy but a bit overcooked. Next was a bit of imitation crab salad, and it was quite literally imitation crab and mayo, so nothing much to say about that...Then I guess a California roll? There were a bunch that seemed like California rolls, and most of them were ok. Pretty good for buffet sushi IMO. The nigiri on top of the salmon was the well disguised Ika! I normally don't like ika, but this wasn't too bad, at least it looked good? Taste wasn't bad either. I really liked how they made the masago half the normal size, then I could try more!^^ Also had a gyoza, not bad, but it was cold :(

Also grabbed a wonton soup on the first round, they were decent pork wontons, the skin was smooth, but a bit soggy too, probably been in the soup for too long! There was a bunch of other soup too, and congee, and dim sum in the same area, but my plate was full, so maybe a second round!

Onto the main course, there was a good selection of Asian dishes, and I noticed a grill area too, but there was no one manning it, and I doubt they let us do it ourselves so I never got a chance to try it. Looked fancy though! Anyways, back to the second round! I found that most of the dishes were oily, which is kinda standard for buffets like these, so nothing out of the blue. The meats were a bit dry, except for the ribs, which were pretty good. There were a few veggie dishes, and I liked that, at least I could *try* to be a little healthier! The clams were really good, and I was surprised! I also had this seafood toast, which was so sickening-- because it was mayo and shrimp and oil and bun... I can't stand too much oil xD

I decided to just share stuff with my brother, since I probably wouldn't be able to try everything if I didn't. We got shiu mai (pork dumpling), which wasn't too shabby, and mozzarella sticks that got cold and were hard, but still crispy! I think the cream puff was the only dessert we tried, and it was rather random, but buffets are meant to be random! =D

My parents somehow got stuff that I couldn't find, like steamed fish (probably was so good everyone got to it before this slowpoke haha!) and tai sushi. I don't like tai personally, but my mom does, and she said it was fresh. The crayfish was fresh too, and my mom liked it, said it wasn't too salty, too bad it was a cold dish. Jello wasn't as chewy as I liked it, but I doubt anyone can really mess up jello-- except for King Buffet, who had jello which tasted like nothing.

With just enough room to try one last thing, I decided to get the soft-serve ice cream! Sadly, this ended up badly. We were probably the first people to use the machine that day, and so, the beginning was all watery and sprayed everywhere. My brother was, of course, wearing white. PERFECT. Eventually we got a good cup, and it was more ice than cream. Taste was ok, but didn't like the experience of getting it.

My dad is obviously more adventurous than me, he dared to try the cakes, which were exactly as I thought: terrible. It was rock hard and too buttery. Taste wasn't that good either. My dear daddy didn't want to waste food, so he had to choke it down. Coconut bunches were way too sweet--at least the oranges were good?

While I was already filled up before everyone else, I just sat there and watched them eat. When suddenly, the waitress plops our receipt down on our table. I was kind of surprised, since we obviously haven't been there for an hour yet, nor were some of the people done eating! What kind of service is that?? Sure, the restaurant was starting to fill up, but doesn't mean you should start kicking people out!? The first waiter was really nice, just this one girl got on my nerves when she doubted the authenticity of our coupon, which we got from the newspaper, and is IDENTICAL to the one found online. We were tempted to just sit there and talk despite getting the bill slapped onto our table, but alas, we were on a tight schedule, and had to go shopping, so we paid and left.

Might go back there, but I'm definitely looking for other places to stop and eat at while shopping in Bellingham! One of the memorable things was the note I got from the fortune cookie: "Blessed are the children, for they shall inherit the national debt"-- how is that good in any sense?? Haha, American sense of humor? =P

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