Friday, 25 May 2012

A Few Thoughts: 沒有走不下去的愛,只有不爭氣的戀人 There isn't a love we can't let go of, just disappointing lovers

Haven't been active recently, been rather busy, going to HK in less than half a month!! :DD Hope everyone's doing well :)

No matter how good a man's condition, if he has no time for you, is unneccessary.

Quenching your thirst by staring at the sea is not what love is, can you live every day just holding onto memories? The amount of time a man is willing to give to a woman, shows how much he loves her. If you love me, then you can find some time for me. If you can't, you've already made a decision. Since there is no time, I choose to set you free. At the same time, I am also setting myself free.

I really admire those girls, when she discovers that her significant other doesn't truly love her anymore, who can immediately and swiftly break up. Other women, might continue to lie to themselves, and keep struggling alone. Women with real wisdom will understand what love is: love, requires equivalent feelings from both ends. If you love him, but he doesn't love you, then this relationship is meaningless. Choosing to let go, is to love yourself more. Be patient, and someday you will find the person who loves you equivalent to your love for him.

When I start my next relationship, I won't ask, "What do you like about me" again. Neither will I ask, "Are you serious about me?" I would ask instead, "After three months, will you still drop everything in a split second worrying about me? After half a year, if I said I was unhappy, like old times be right by my side? After one year, if I can't fall asleep, will you still whisper multitudes of stories by my ear? After two years, will you still be all disoriented and don't know what to do when I shed tears? Three or four or many more years later, will you still love me with no obligation?

Don't constantly talk about your sadness, everyone has their own story. Don't argue when you break up, it doesn't matter how long you've been together. Breaking up hurts him too, its just that he was smarter, and didn't want to wreak yours or his future. Easy come, easy go, still will be friends, but everyone has their helplessness. Don't say who your most loved one is, life is very long, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Maybe your true love is waiting for you in the next second.

You don't know, in some moments, how unhappy I become. You don't know, waiting for a reply that I'll never get, really makes one tired. You don't know, the courage I had to muster, so that I could forget. Or maybe, it's not that you don't know, you're just pretending you don't. People say that time flies, but it's actually my own heart that's changing, feelings that are changing. People say that it won't last the trials of time, but actually it was just a matter that time couldn't withstand our need to change. Your selfishness, my stupidity.

A good man can resist temptation, a good woman can stand loneliness. Love can be simple, but it shouldn't be casual. There aren't two people who can't be together, just two hearts that aren't together. Women, shouldn't compromise so easily.

What is happiness? Happiness is holding the pair of hands you want to hold, walking together amongst the hustle and bustle, being together amidst the loneliness; To be with someone you want to be with, share your happy moments, share your unhappy moments; To possess the heart that you wish to possess, continually repeating those meaningless days, doing the same things without getting frustrated... As long as there is love in our hearts, we will be happy, happiness is within those initial promises, within our future dreams. Perhaps happiness is, walking by your side on a road named life, cross a bridge called regret, drink a soup called forget. Perhaps one will become tired, get exhausted, but still never think of giving up; perhaps the road ahead is full of temptation, but you still continue to hold on to those initial feelings; perhaps arguments will arise, and there will be different opinions, but will continue to listen and tolerate; perhaps separation is inevitable, but that special position in my heart will still hold you.

There are always people who ask me what love is, I feel that love at 20, I'll bring you out to play with friends, you help me drink less, and I lean on you. At 40, when I got to work, you help me prepare my clothes, and before I leave for work, I give you a good bye kiss. When I'm 60, retired and at home, we would lie on the bed and talk about anything and everything, talk about where to go for reunions!

Every now, will become our future memories. Everything we say, everything we do, the roads we taken, the people we've met-- all will become part of our memories. There is no need to reminisce our yesterdays, nor is there a need to ponder about tomorrow, we just need to live each day to its fullest: say what you want to say, do what you can do, walk the roads you should walk, and see the people you want to see.

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