Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Munchie Adventure: Osaka Sushi, Vancouver (UBC)

Short one, cuz its not an eat in place, but a food court-style place :) This was a little treat for myself after my first final hehe... kinda ordered too much to finish but oh wells :D

Osaka Sushi (UBC Village) on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Osaka Sushi
Location: 5728 University Boulevard (underground Village food court place)
Cuisine: Japanese
Price range: $10-20
Date of visit: April 11, 2012

Atmosphere: n/a (its a "communal" seating area...which I would probably rate low cuz it's old and ugly >.>)
Staff/service: 3.5/5
Food variety: 4/5
Food quality: 3.75/5
Buck worthy? 3.75/5

One of the more decent sushi places around UBC, because the others ones are overrated and not actually that good. Their staff are funny though, they don't think students understand mandarin or something, and the things they say, oh they make me laugh :) They messed up the order of orders though, so mines took a bit longer than usual, so they got a bad ranking for service this time =P

Combo D
This was actually a pretty good size for its price for UBC standards, since I probably would've been stuffed with just this :) So this means Combo D was $10.95 + tax = two meals, not bad ;) I like their rice. It was cooked really well, chewy and not too thick (no offense to Honor Roll in the SUB, they have globs of rice and no flavor to it at all -.-). The salmon was really fresh too, and I've never liked tuna, but it's average.. nothing special to it, mushy as usual :) Avocados in the California roll was awesome though, nice and ripe, and delish! I noticed their wasabi changed though, or I've been to Honor Roll too much to remember how good wasabi looks and tastes like =P It wasn't hard and dry, it was pretty moist and looked fresh and was pretty "spicy" (since wasabi isn't the same kind of spicy you get from hot peppers and such).

Udon from Combo D
 The other part of the combo included udon and Chicken teriyaki on rice (there is a cheaper combo with the same things minus the three pieces of sushi which is $7.99, which I noticed after I ordered xD). Udon was good, it's probably frozen udon and there were three pieces of the fishcake in mine (its usually 2 I think)!! Totally made my day =D (no I'm not a kid for liking that... I just easily get happy)

Chicken teriyaki was nothing special, but seasoned well and not over-fried or saucey, liked the bean sprouts underneath it (my veggies of the day haha..).

Then I ordered a sushi combo 1, which was $6.99+ tax. They had a bad picture of it, I thought the tuna maki was salmon (didn't read the words obviously) and was disappointed afterwards =( Anyways, there was yam tempura roll, California roll, and tuna maki. I was surprised with the yam tempura roll, it was pretty good (aside from the oily taste of fried batter), they used sweet potato I think (and not yam) or maybe it was the orange kind of yam, not those yellow ones, and it made such a big difference. The tuna maki wasn't as bad as I imagined, one of the better ones I've had of tuna actually, didn't have this sour taste to it and it tasted fresh :)

This combo came with the miso soup, which my friend had, and said was pretty good. I saw there was lots of kelp and tofu in it, which looked delish :)

Overall good impression of the food I ordered, it was a bit much for me, so depending on how much you eat, it's not a bad place :) They have lots of combos which are a good deal (for UBC food anyways..), haven't tried their rolls before, too expensive =P I mean, why get a roll when you can get three and miso soup? xD

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