Saturday, 7 April 2012

Munchie Adventure: Landmark Hot Pot House 春秋火鍋, Vancouver

It's final exam time!! Study study study!! But still gotta eat :) Thanks to my family for bringing me out for some great food to keep me motivated to study^^ Love them to bits :D

Landmark Hot Pot House 春秋火鍋 on UrbanspoonRestaurant: Landmark Hot Pot House
Location: 4023 Cambie St, Vancouver
Cuisine: Chinese hotpot
Price range: $15-50+
Date of visit: April 7, 2012

Atmosphere: 4/5
Staff/service: 3.75/5
Food variety: 3.75/5
Food quality: 4/5
Buck worthy? 2.25/5

We've been wanting to try this place for...over 10 years already I think xD And since it's still around, it must be good, right? I've heard from friends that it's good, but overpriced... and she was right. This isn't an AYCE hot pot, but pay-per-plate.
Kinda wish we just went for AYCE since 4 people would probably be around $110 and be very stuffed. Our bill came to about $190 o__o Yup....

Anyways, onto the food! :D We didn't order the infamous satay soup base, since half of us didn't eat spicy :) So we got the preserved egg and parsley soup ($9.80), which wasn't bad, there was a lot of preserved egg and parsley. (There's also fish puffs in the picture)
First came the fatty beef ($14.80), which was really great, it was nicely marbled and tender. Totally worth the buck.

I was a bit disappointed with the four assorted meat balls ($14.50) (Left to right: squid, shrimp, dace fish, pork), they never told us what was what, but I guess it was fun trying to figure it out. I was pleasantly surprised that the unidentifiable grey one turned out to be a shrimp ball :) The squid ball was really springy, and dace fish and shrimp were a bit less springy but good nonetheless. The disappointment was the pork balls, they weren't anything special and kinda soft. They weren't really worth the same price as the fatty beef in my opinion...

The fresh tender clam ($18.50) was really good, it was very fresh and portion was ok (I would've liked more, but I do know this is expensive everywhere haha).

Can't forget to get my daddy fish, he loves fish. The Fresh rock Cod and Head ($15.80) was really fresh, but kinda small and waaay too bone-laced. I had once piece, and it took so long to get all the bones out xD

We ordered goose chiterling- aka intestines ($18.50), I wish they had smaller portions (and lower the price) because it was way too much to eat all at one sitting, even for four people. Very crunchy and clean though.

Lamb slices ($11.00) weren't very good, they ended up really tough after cooking, and definitely not very good quality. The slices just fell apart and we were fishing for lamb bits for the longest time >u<

The veggies were good though, but really unnecessary, since most of the plates had veggies under them, and was plenty for us. I must say though, the garland crysantheum ($7.75) had ends that looked old, should've been sliced off or something... The watercress ($7.75) was ok though.
The fish tofu puffs ($19.25) were another great disappointment. I've had way better and I feel like this was a scam. Nothing extraordinary and they weren't even fresh. It was better than what you get from T&T, but if its gonna cost me 4-5x the price, I'll go for the cheap stuff. (Still can't believe its $19.25....!!)

The best value thing was the pig kidney, only $7.00 and a large portion (almost too much for us to finish). It was cleaned nicely and the incisions made on it were very fine and pretty ;)

I feel like I was tricked by this, they clearly said "fresh fish skin dumpling" ($9.75) (no, my Chinese isn't so bad that I can't even read fresh). Clearly, the dumplings that came were frozen =.= How is frozen fresh...?? They were average, tastes like what you can get from T&T (yes, you'll notice I reference T&T a lot, don't get me wrong though, I like their food, but I expect something better from restaurants =P)

Sour plum drink that was complimentary, but came after all our food came and we were halfway done our stuff xD It was good, not dilute at all. I just couldn't explain why mines and my brother's was so foamy...
There is parking in the back with an actual person watching our cars, and too bad I didn't get a picture, but as we were leaving, 4 other cars jammed into the parking lot had to move so we could back out =P We felt so important hehe ^-^ And the person was really nice too. The only problem I had besides the price for this place was our first waiter. I like to have control over how I do hot pot... not get told how to put my stuff in or what I should do >< Kinda OCD that way, yeppers. He left after it got a bit busier, but he just kept telling us what to put in, told us our pot was boiling (yeah, I kinda can see that dude..), etc.

Extra random pictures~

My place setting :) Bowl was a bit small... I kept burning
myself ><
Notice the thing on the left hand side? Thats the clam thing...
My brother said it looks like a penis >.>
Fish puff and pig kidney (don't you love the pattern? :P)
Pig kidney again, the cuts are so cool....
Still eating goose intestines till the end of the meal xD
Back to studying now! Oh happy times~~ (sarcasm)

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