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A Few Thoughts: 如果你碰到這種女孩,請珍惜。不然會後悔!!

This was quite cute, I just read it from this site: and thought I'd share it (and try to translate it ^^)

如果你碰到這種女孩,請珍惜。不然會後悔!! (By: 雲妮C)
If you meet this kind of girl, please cherish her. Or else you'll regret it!!

1. 她很想陪著你即使是在網上,一句話都不說。你開心的時候,她很想在你身邊看到你微笑的樣子。你失落的時候,她第一時間在你旁邊安慰你,想破腦袋想幫你。你熬夜到很晚,她的MSN陪你一起亮著。如果你下線了,再登錄一看,他的頭像就暗了。你知道嘛?她熬到那麼晚只是在等你。
She really wants to accompany you, even if its online, won't utter a word. When you're happy, she'll want to be beside you and see your smiling face. When you're down, she's the first one by your side comforting you, trying to think of ways to help you. When you have to stay up late, her MSN will be on with yours. If you go offline, then check back, hers will be offline. Do you know why? She stayed up so late just for you.

2. 懂事知道什麼時候該撒嬌,什麼時候該像愛小孩子一樣疼惜你。如果你是個學生,她不會任性地要求你蹺課陪她逛街,不會讓沒有經濟來源的你買奢侈品。如果你已經在工作,他不會埋怨你忘記打電話給她,不會在你工作心煩的時候要你甜言蜜語,即使自己心⋯⋯情再不好,也會輕輕擁著你,始終站在你這邊。
Understanding, knowing when to be flirty , and when she should pamper you like a child. If you are a student, she won't capriciously ask you to skip class and go shopping with her, won't ask for you to provide her with luxury goods. If you are already working, she won't be upset because you forgot to call her, won't expect sweet words and compliments when you are stressed with work, even if she's had a bad day, she will still lightly embrace you, and stand by your side in the end.

3. 不放過任何與你有關的訊息融入你的生活圈,朋友圈。結識你的朋友,連結任何在你空間留言的朋友的頁面,看你喜歡的電影和書,去你喜歡的餐廳,逛你喜歡的名牌店,甚至笨拙地模仿你欣賞的異性類型。他不是不夠好,而是想變的更好,更適合你,更容易得到你的許可和讚許。
She won't pass up any chance to get to know you better and be more involved in your life, get to know your circles. She will befriend your friends, even those who are acquaintances, watch your favorite movies and read your favorite books, go to your favorite restaurants, shop at your favorite shops, even stupidly changing her image to be the kind of girl you like. It's not that she's no good, she just wants to be better, more suitable for you, so she can get your acceptance and compliments more easily.

4. 覺得你是最好的,她絕不會在你同事同學家人面前提你的缺點,嘲笑你,哪怕只是玩笑。她可能覺得你這樣做那樣做不對,但會給足你男人需要的面子,幫你打圓場,幫你找臺階下,只說你的好。
Thinking you are the best, in front of your colleagues, friends, or family, she will never speak badly of you, ridicule you, because who knows when a joke goes too far. She may think that you do some things wrong, but will give you the dignity that a man needs, will help you smoothen things out, will help you find a way out, speaking only good about you.

5. 有限地依賴你她需要你的肩膀,但是絕不會凡事都依賴你。他在你面前很弱勢,常常需要你來把持局面。不是她笨,只是喜歡在你面前裝傻,喜歡被你照顧。但他不會粘著你,把你當保母。
She will rely on you in a limited amount when she needs your shoulders, but she won't rely on you for everything. She will act vulnerable in front of you, constantly needing you to take control of the situation. She isn't dumb, she just likes to act silly in front of you, likes to be taken care of by you. But she won't cling onto you, take you for a nanny.

6. 在乎你的她發給你的短信幾乎不會有錯字,不會有歧義。她很注重跟你在一起時的一切細節,連發消息之前都會反覆確認好幾遍,措辭,語氣,甚至表情。
This girl who cares so much about you won't send a text message with mistakes, no ambiguities. She notices every little thing when she is with you, even before she sends messages, she will re-read it many times, checking the wording, tone, and even expressions.

7. 漂亮但不輕浮,她和你朋友聚會的時候會打扮的漂亮但不會妖艷,只會在你面前偶爾穿很火辣的衣服。她永遠會把你與其它男生區分對待,而不是孔雀開屏般像所有人展示美麗。
Beautiful but not frivolous, when she is with you and your friends she will be dressed up but not sluttily, only in front of you will she dress her sexiest. She will always treat you differently than other males, and not show her beauty like a peacock strutting its feathers in front of everyone.

8. 緊張你看到女人圍著你轉,她會吃醋,那些女人很優秀,她更容易吃醋,但是不會無理取鬧,興師問罪。她關心你,在乎你,想要抓住你。只要你肯耐下心,不要吝惜讓她安心的話。她需要的只是一句別人聽不到只有她能聽的話。
Tense when you're looking at the women surrounding you, she will get jealous, if these women are outstanding, she will be even more jealous, but she won't be unreasonable, questioning you like a criminal. She worries about you, cares about you, doesn't want to lose you. As long as you are willing to, don't spite her and give her confidence in you. She just needs to hear something that no one but her can hear.

9. 認定你她也許會有很多異性朋友,也許不乏追求者,但是她會明確告訴他們她喜歡的是你,而且不會拿這些人的優點跟你作比較。她會時不時告訴你誰誰誰要追她,看到你緊張的樣子,會很滿足的加一句,我心裡只有你一個,不是她無聊,她很需要被重視。
She may have a lot of male friends, or many suitors, but she will clearly tell them that the one she likes is you,  and she won't use their strong points to compare against you. She will tell you who is wooing her from time to time, seeing your tense worried face, will be satisfied to add that, you are the only one in your heart, not because she is silly, but she wants to feel important to you.

10. 懂你,理解你,支持你她會很認真很專注地看著你,聽你說話。看清你的樣子,記住你的聲音。她不僅愛你,也懂你並欣賞你。
Understand you, know you, supporting you she will intently watch you, listen to you. Clearly see your face, remember your voice. She doesn't love you, but will still understand and admire you.

Wow! That took so long to translate!! Just proves how bad my Chinese has become haha xD And I probably butchered the nice flow it had originally...^^" Anyways, hope I got the point across, guys out there, if there is a girl in your life like that, cherish her, don't hurt her!

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