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A Few Thoughts: 父母和情人的分別-- The difference between parents and lovers

This is something I found in a parenting magazine, don't agree entirely with it because it seems a bit biased, but good to think about, and I guess, from different perspectives it could be right :) I tried to do a rough translation (it's worded way better in Chinese) Hope you enjoy reading it :) 
Copyright to the original person, I don't mean to plagiarize or anything! ^^

1. 父母,是這世界上第一個愛你的人。
Parents, are the first people in this world who will love you.
A lover, is the first person in this world who you will love.

2. 父母,愛你不因為你的甚麼外在或內在條件影響,他們愛你,只因為愛你。
Parents, love you not because of any outside of inside conditional influences, they love you, because they love you.
A lover, usually loves you because of some reason. Maybe it is your appearance, or family background, or charm, they love you, because of some conditional influence.

3. 父母,當突然看不見你的蹤影時,會變得很擔心。
Parents, when they suddenly lose sight of you, become very worried.
A lover, when they suddenly can't find you, become very wary.

4. 父母,當聽見其他父母說很喜歡你時,會覺得很欣慰和自豪。
Parents, when they hear other parents saying the like you, will feel very comforted and proud.
A lover, when they hear a person of the opposite sex say they like you, will feel jealous and frustrated.

5. 父母,會希望供應你一切所需,務求你開心。
Parents, will wish to provide you with everything, hoping you will be happy.
A lover, will wish you can provide her with everything, to make her happy.

6. 父母,是你的老師也是你的監護人。
Parents, are your teachers and your guardians.
A lover, is your playmate and a like-minded individual.

7. 父母,會盡量抽時間來陪伴你。
Parents, will try their best to find time for you.
A lover, will wish you can find the time to be with her.

8. 父母,會賺錢來養育你。
Parents, will earn money to support you.
A lover, will hope you earn money for her to spend.

9. 父母,和你有血緣的關係。
Parents, are bound to you by a blood bond.
A lover, is bound to you by a physical bond.

10. 父母,無論發生甚麼事,從來不會考慮換棹自己的子女。
Parents, no matter what happens, never consider to desert their children.
A lover, if something unhappy happens, may consider finding another lover.

父母和情人,同樣是我們生命中重要的人,他們的一言一行,部可能影響我們生命中的方向,喜怒哀樂的轉移,不過,愛情通常出現得較為澎湃,引致很多人重視情人多於父母。甚至在愛情遭遇波折時,毫不理會父母的感受,就自顧自地去做傻事了,只留下可憐的父母,在悲痛地承受這結果。Parents and lovers, both are very important people in our lives, their every move and word, may change our life's direction, no matter happiness, anger, sadness, excitement-- however, love usually happens rather like a wave, making many people consider love between lovers more important than the love for their parents. Perhaps during times of turmoil in a relationship, without caring about our parents' feelings, will do stupid acts, leaving our poor parents, to painfully suffer our consequences.

情人,是一種暫借的關係。父母,是一種終生的聯繫。A lover, is a momentary relationship. Parents, are a lifelong connection.

-- I cropped a bit off the back, started going onto different ideas :)

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